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Acknowledging the fact of many similarities every client, every coachee is so different.

So I adjust my portfolio of services to your individual needs.

How is that possible?

I am that experienced in life (blood, sweat and tears, yes!) and in business. In failure and in success!

In keeping and moving things forward. In going against the odds. In feeling abandoned and self-restarting myself. 

I mastered in "never giving up" like almost nobody else. 
I also know the taste of success. Of a win.

I've flown on THE wings of glory,
so many times that saying
"I can fly"
it's not an exaggeration. 
Based on that rich mix of my positive & negative, bad & good experience I arrived at the model of
"Your Personal Change". 
Today, it represents the journey my clients take and in which I guide them, support, mentor, coach and encourage!

I write about it in my book called exactly the same
and use this model in working with my clients. 
You will see that it is a very simple, straight-forward and a very successful model. 
It's interesting how well this model works
in personal coaching (life and executive),
as well as in the business consultancy,I run.
it adds a super-value to my mentorship.

But this isn't about me. It's about You! Would you like to fly?
Your journey to your success will look more or less like this.

Your Journey for New Website BBB.jpg

In my packages for High Achievers, I offer the mix of: 

- Coaching

- Mentorship

- Consulting.

You - with some of my help - will decide what is the best proportion of those 3 elements,
so I can assist you the best in the journey to your success.




What & How

Each coaching session usually lasts around 60 minutes.

To complete your coaching process effectively, we will from time to time be using
some powerful techniques requiring a few of the sessions to last up to 2 hours.
We will of course discuss it in advance. 

Your key gains & your benefits

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Increase levels of your assertiveness.

  • Develop your career or make a successful career change.

  • Enhance your performance to unlock your full potential.

  • Talk free, be listened to. No judgments.

  • Psychological decompression - Release the tension & daily pressure.

  • Improve your personal & professional relationships.

  • Get clarity on what you look for in your life.

  • Focus on what is most important for you in your life. 

  • Set goals to create the life that you want.

  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs.

  • Convert past negative emotions into manageable memories.

  • Learn, create new habits that become a way of living.

  • Develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Transform your life and maybe even start your own business and go after your dreams.

  • Regain control of your life and discover empowerment.

  • Cover any business-related challenges.

There are only 2 ways to work with me:

You either decide for one of my regular ONE-ON-ONE, COACHING & MENTORING PACKAGES listed below... 

- 3 months with one introductory and then 6 coaching sessions,

- 6 months with one introductory and then 12 coaching sessions,

- 12 months with one introductory and then 24 coaching sessions.

or you decide to choose 

- INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED VIP, INTENSIVE COACHING PACKAGES (including retreats, as per your requirements).  

These are intensive packages tailored in agreement with you. We work together for 1, 2, 3 or even 5 consecutive, rather busy days in a carefully chosen environment, boosting your immediate results and pushing your boundaries, so you reach your next level and your goals as well as the new quality of life almost instantly. Yes, coaching is a process, but thanks to my intensive program you'll experience a jump-start like you'll be taking off from the pole position, in your own Formula 1 racing car.

INTENSIVE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING ACTION WEEKEND - "CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 48 HOURS", could be one of such intensive package examples. The work starts on Friday morning at 10.00am and ends on Saturday evening at around 8.00pm. That's circa 20 hours of highly productive 1 on 1, individual workshop, when real miracles take place. 

Each of my packages includeS:

- number of assigned one-on-one face-to-face coaching sessions as per the chosen package, 60-75 minutes each,

- in-take session to give you the overview of your current, starting point status-quo,

- email and WhatsApp chat on-going support between coaching sessions, 

- work with numerous (minimum 10) coaching tools and exercises, 

- professional assessments and tests, 

- in-between sessions short-term goal setting,

- creation of your individual, customized action plan, guiding you towards your goals, 

- "homework" assignments to build your strengths and enforce long-lasting habits right away,

- constant feedback on your progress through the coaching process and your journey,

- inspiring and motivational support,

- personal development tips & tricks immediately releasing your stress and daily tension,

- the final session with feedback and follow-up plan, so you avoid falling back into old routines,

- certificate of completion, your own coaching trophy, will keep you reminded on your goals,
  to continue the effort and challenges you decided to take on, to take you to the stars. 

+++ Private Club Membership in Adam's Coaching Club.

Important: The work takes part also in periods between the sessions.
There are exercises, tasks and practical to-do's you will be assigned to perform
in order to create and anchor new habits and beliefs, which will be fundamental to your progress.

We (you and I) will adjust, tailor and customise each of these programs based on your needs,
requirements and on our initial agreement.

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