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1. Why this program
Facing the new, unexpected and challenging current COVID19 environment any company (corporate giants, SME’s, one-man freelance firms) need more sales & substantial increase in new revenues lost due to lockdowns and all difficulties and challenges faced. Nobody can do it (sales) in traditional, old-fashioned, what I call – “organic way” any longer.

You can’t wait any more and develop relationships with prospective customers waiting for couple of months. By that time your company will be… out of the game, out of the market. You and your staff might be out of job…

This program is addressing the need of a fast sales increase, in systematic, proactive, clear and daily KPI’s driven way. With proper daily, weekly and monthly monitoring and fast results delivery. This is where the SPEED SALES semi-automatic, but still human & relationship-centered approach is required.
If your company won’t do it, your competitors will. How do I know? They call me to train & mentor them on FAST RESULT sales permanently. I had no choice – So, I created this workshop to respond to my client’s needs.
  • Who are your clients?
  • How do you find them?
  • What’s your last months’ revenue vs. same month of the last year?
  • How will you increase it?
  • What’s better, cheaper and faster: higher a new sales rep or train existing one new selling skills at a fraction of their salary cost?
  • What system (CRM) are you using to onboard new clients, sell them and tightly monitor the work of your sales teams? 

2. For who

a) Business Owners who realize that in order to grow their business they need immediate action to be taken. And this action means: Sales, Sales and one more time Sales! So, they need new extraordinary approach to sales by their sales teams. They decide to stop accepting lousy, uncontrollable, result-less work which creates costs (visa, car, mobile, laptop, office, etc.), but does not bring respective revenues.

b) Sales professionals who want to increase their skill and join the 3% only group of leading sales superstars, who sell regardless the environment, cold or warm leads. From being great, they want to become the best!

3. What are the numerical & financial benefits – simulation based on taught Know-How

- $$$$ instantly,

- 800 new prospective clients onboarded per month by 1 Super Seller,

- 20 new sales (at 2.5% - so assumed low – conversion rate),

- 10 000 AED new revenue from 1 newly trained Super Seller per month (20 customers x 500 AED each one to buy for),

- own data base of several thousand records of prospecting clients (each record with actual name of contact, company, position title, phone number, email ID, website address).

4. How we do it – “Speed Sales Money Maker” Workshop Program
Module 1 – Introduction to Speed Sales
  • “Selling… without selling” – the only way
  • First relationship! Build it in first minute of your sales call
Module 2 – Research and Creation of New Prospective Clients
  • Where to source new clients from without existing network
  • How to approach them effectively
  • Get new clients as 1, 2, 3…
Module 3 – CRM automation
  • What CRMs to use and which ones to avoid
  • Adding New Leads – Fast Track
  • 40 new prospective clients per day – Your new Know-how!
Module 4 – Cold Calling
  • Cold Calling – Create Sales Call Scripts for Your Business
  • Cold Calling – Handle Objections Like a Pro
  • Cold Calling – Role Play with Video Analysis
Module 5 – Daily and weekly KPI’s in Cold Calling
  • Set them realistically
  • Monitor Your Sales Instantly and Periodically
Module 6 – Action Plan for Your New Revenue Streams
  • Create Your Own Industry Action Plan
  • Return To Your Desk and… Make it Happen
1 990 AED per person for 2 days’ workshop.

6. Your ROI – Return On Investment in the first month is 101%
  • You are investing 1 990 AED for MONYMAKER WORKSHOP,
  • It gets your company return in sold goods or services to 20 clients in a month,
  • 800 prospective clients x 2.5% conversion rate = 20 buying clients,
  • Salary of your sales rep (assumed) is 5 000 AED,
  • Other COS (Cost of Sales) per 1 sales rep per month (assumed) at 1 000 AED,
  • Cost of Investment: 1 990 + 5 000 + 1 000 = 7 990 AED in 1st month
  • Gross revenue from New Sales thanks to Workshop and Training: 10 000 AED
  • Net Return on Investment: 2 010 AED (inclusive the cost of your staff, which you already bear anyway, so 10 000 AED – 7 900 AED)

​2 010 AED (Net Return On Investment), 1 990 AED (Cost Of Workshop Investment), so ROI = 101 %
7. How is it possible to get that many prospective clients onboarded?
Number of minutes per one prospective client*:
  • Research new Client - 4 minutes
  • Add New Contact Data in CRM system - 1 minute
  • Add New Lead (Convert new client to a Lead) - 1 minute
  • Cold Call - 3 minutes
  • Assign Next Step (Task) - 1 minute
  • Total 10 minutes per 1 client max.
That means your Super Seller will get 6 new clients per hour. Each customer will be:
- found,
- researched,
- added to your clients data base (CRM),
- called and talked to (start of a relationship),
- attempted to be sold (depending on type of products or services from your portfolio)
Working 7 hours per average day (+ 1 hour breaks for lunch and other) will mean 40-42 clients -
onboarded as prospects - in one working day by one Super Seller / Cold Caller.
* This model has been successfully tested by Adam Kapusta and his sales team in Dubai in 2016-2020 with actual
statistical data proving the model’s efficiency.
8. Adds-On
Execution is the key. Training and workshop will do the job for your business, no doubt. But – there is always some “but” – it is important to take care about the execution, the implementation of what the participants learn during it.
I offer a service of 3 working days (24 working hours) implementation and execution of this whole model taught as “Speed Sales Money Maker” Workshop at your office at a separate fee, which can be agreed before the trained staff starts the workshop.
Other workshops & training by Adam Kapusta – Business Coaching & Consulting available at
9. Your Trainer, Coach and Workshop Facilitator – Adam Kapusta
For over 25 years, Adam has worked as a Senior Manager, Coach, Consultant, Trainer & Mentor with and for organizations and individuals, helping them to grow their businesses and create richer, more fulfilling careers, professional and personal lives, increasing their profits, assisting them in creation of the extraordinary outcome.
He is a workplace business consultant, education instructor, a certified ICC coach, and a mentor and trainer. He has a background in Economics, in Organization and Management with a master’s degree from University in Gdańsk, in Poland.
As a speaker and trainer, Adam has offered transformational workshops to organizations and groups in Europe and in UAE. He has personally, coached numerous clients in small business development, in leadership and in personal growth.
Whether you are looking for a successful coach with a proven track record to help you meet your own business goals, or a speaker and trainer for your workshop or event, you will be inspired by Adam’s training style, endless levels of energy, and professionalism!
Inspiring individuals, organizations and small business owners to define success on their own terms & gain the skills they need to get there. Personal & business coaching for values-based individuals and entrepreneurs ready to live the life of their dreams.
* - Terms & Conditions Apply
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We will refund full cost of this workshop - training,
if you don't hit targets commonly agreed for your business. 

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