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How to approach and onboard 40 new clien

How to onboard 40 - 50 new clients per day to your business in Dubai, without even leaving the office - SPEED SALES MONEYMAKER WORKSHOP

Am I going the right direction aaa.jpg

"Am I going the right direction?" - Self-check & monitoring exercise to keep you self-motivated, inspired and energized daily

Discover Yourself Again

Discover Yourself Again” - a coaching exercise. Find out what your dreams are. What you are willing to achieve! What motivates you and more... Find out if you would like to meet me, Adam Kapusta in person. ​

Adam Kapusta - Workshops, Courses and Co

Workshops, Courses and Consulting Services by Adam Kapusta 2020


Entry Assessment Questionnaire used in consultancy business to study and learn about client’s organization needs and pains - sample

Derted Island photo.png

Deserted Island” - an exercise. Find out what you are strong at!
Imagine for a while that you have unexpectedly and alone landed on a deserted island 

18 ways to motivate yourself Screen Shot

18 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated and Inspired in Your Daily Life

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