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I am a Certified International ICC (International Coaching Community) Coach with experience in working, with international clients due to my long stay in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

My clients are coming from the UAE, from France, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Russia, Germany.

They come from large corporations and small companies (SMEs).

I'm a multicultural coach, who finds common language and good working relationships with almost anyone. Almost?! Yes, because in coaching world it's you who will decide, if you want to work with me or not. First, we meet and check the chemistry and only after a cup of coffee, tea or two, we will know. 

I am a holistic coach. I work with you over all aspects of your life. We shall find out, together which areas of your life need more fast treatment than the others. 



I am an in internationally experienced senior manager. A business & people's leader, managing director, crisis & transformation manager, with 25+ years of corporate, experience in international in strategic, operational and general business management.


Experienced in Western & Eastern Europe and in the Middle East, including 5 years of it in Dubai, UAE. I am, the transformation expert, change initiator, new revenue generator, constantly seeking growth and performance improvement with proper and respective risk management.

Leading key areas of business from strategy building, marketing through leadership and staff training and on-the-job coaching, sales, distribution to P&L and cash-flow management.

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I have finished - thanks to COVID19 lockdown - writing my book on personal development titled "Twoja Osobista Zmiana" - "Your Personal Change" in English recently. It'll go to editing now.


It will be published in autumn 2021 in Polish language. And in the second quarter of 2022 in English language markets.

My book presents the model of personal change, which I have created basing on my long term coaching experience, enriched with my own personal life journey - full of ups and downs - but leading to fulfillment and happiness.

My coaching, apart from the ICC methodology (I got my certification based on it) bases also on my own methodology presented in that book, shown here. 


I used to work as a University lecturer, teaching students "The Laws of Personal and Business Success". 

I also am an active trainer of Sales Techniques
& Strategies.

I trained companies and individuals in Europe
and in the Middle East. 

Here on the right, you will see "a passport" to my mentorship.

It's the list of some professions I have already done in my life. It's long, it's adventures and very fulfilling.

I might have missed some, but the key is the vanity of them.

I wish you to have similar impressions with your own career as well.



  • student & school council chairman

  • a waiter at passenger cruisers

  • actor

  • postman

  • company founder & owner

  • high-rise buildings worker

  • roads worker

  • hotel receptionist

  • DJ

  • CNN news journalist

  • night-club bouncer

  • radio presenter with own Saturday Live program

  • acoustic engineer

  • social-worker at the hospice for terminally sick children

  • sales-man and sales rep

  • key account manager

  • publishing director

  • managing director

  • university lecturer/professor

  • coach, mentor,

  • personal development trainer


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