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Why is this tab called "ABOUT YOU"?

Because I think I already know you. Please, don't think I'm arrogant.

There is so much in common my clients have.
There are differences of course, and each person has its own challenges,
but there are so many, great and positive similarities, as well. 

So, what do my clients have in common? 
Here is the list. So, you probably - like the majority of my clients - are:
- more or less conscious of your hunger for success,
- looking for a change, deeper transformation, or even re-birth,
- at the same time lacking the idea of: "what's next?"
- close to the decision or early feeling of: "I have to change it"
- hearing the inner voice saying: "I need a change, but I don't know where to start"
- having some secrets you would not share with your relatives or friends (who doesn't?), but you feel you need to do
  something about them,
- you have and you feel a deep will to go for big, extraordinary things,
- feeling hunger to leave your comfort zone, taking some calculated risks and it's tempting you more and more.
All or some of the above can impact your state of mind, can make you feel frustrated, stressed, or on the other hand they will make you feeling hyper, suffering from "mid-life ADHD" syndrome and pushing you towards the "next step", regardless of what it could mean or be. 
In the same time my clients are so diversified, and thanks to that I have gained tremendously rich experience:
- I work with men and with women, 
- sometimes with teams and also couples,
- with different races, of course,
- my clients are at a different age - my youngest client was 14 years old young man and the oldest a lady at her 70's,
- they come from different cultures: Arabic, Western, Eastern, Asian,
- and from different geographies: the Middle East, Europe, USA & Canada, Asia,
- they represent so many different professions that I'll just name a few: teachers, managers of highest levels, including MD's and CEOs, policemen, politicians, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, musicians, architects, real estate agents,  
- some of them live in Europe, some of them in the US, others in China and the Middle East.
They all bring different challenges to the coaching table.
Different problems or issues, but also inspiring ideas and visions they want to implement. 
My coaching and mentoring is holistic, which means that I deal with all aspects of your life at the same time. Professional and personal. Nothing is left to chance. We look together at the full spectrum of your life, at its all aspects. 
I explain more on the method and model I use, at the JOURNEY tab.

Every single person I meet, amazes me. The creativity they show, the motivation
and inspiration they grow during the coaching & mentoring process is so encouraging. 

This is why I enjoy my job the most. I witness people like you grow and reach the levels,
they would never think about before. 
But they decided to take this one, very first - sometimes very small - step,
saying to themselves: 

I am going to change it!

A typical and exemplary client of mine? 

Either a CEO of a leading IT or fashion company, Senior Director at a global cosmetics or food company, a sportsman getting ready for world records and the Olympic Games. A city mayor or the party leader. A charismatic leader or a movie star or singer already hitting the top songs bestseller lists in his country.
But I am not about the titles. At all. You don't need any title to be a fulfilled, successful person.
In fact, I don't care about your business card, or even if you have one...
I am about assisting you in your journey towards what other people see as unbelievable and impossible.

In your journey towards your goals,
as I KNOW that it is only a matter of time when you reach them.

It's not about if, it's about WHEN! 
Why won't you achieve your goals faster, inspired, energized and supported by someone who makes no judgments on you, on how you look, on how you behave, on what you think, on your goals? - My credo: "No judgments" Who has an endless portfolio of tools to assist you in keeping you on the right track and ensuring your effort is less stressful and less frustrating? Making sure that your journey is bringing you the achiever's satisfaction you won't find anywhere else. 
Tomorrow can't wait!
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