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1. Location

Dubai in UAE or the place chosen by you* - Usually 5***** Resort Retreat for your comfort, focus and peace of mind. 


2. Time

      The work usually starts on Friday morning at 10.00 am and ends on Saturday evening at around 8.00 pm. There will be meal breaks at times 
       mutually agreed with you. That's circa 20 hours of highly productive 1 on 1, individual workshop when real miracles take place.


3.  Focus-On of choice

  • Business Development for Entrepreneurs

  • Leadership Training & Mentoring

  • Executive, Business & Life Coaching

  • Growth & Improvement Strategies

  • Change, Crisis & VUCA World Management

  • Professional and personal communication & relationships

4.  ​Content of the Intensive Action Weekend

  • Introduction - What is coaching and what is it not?

  • In-take session to give you the overview of your current, starting point status-quo,

  • Work with numerous (minimum 10) coaching tools and exercises, 

  • Series of one-on-one face-to-face coaching sessions both in a formal and very informal way

  • What are the areas you would like to take care of now?

  • The world of your Values ​​- the foundation of your life activities and motivation

  • Analysis of your Personal Life Situation - What and in which area of ​​your life you can,
    and even want to change!?

  • Your Personal Potential – Full Analysis!

  • Set the Goal (s) of your action!

  • Your Action Plan! See it & Build it! Creation of your individual, customized action plan, guiding you towards your goals

  • Matrix of needs - Inventory of your resources and ... shortages in the light of your Action Plan!

  • Improve your personal relationships ... with yourself and with those around you

  • What's holding you back there? - deal with the past

  • Obstacles and fears - how to deal with them!

  • Simple techniques of Auto-Motivation and Auto-Inspiration!

  • Constant feedback on your progress through the coaching process and this incentive journey,

  • Inspiring and motivational support, personal development tips & tricks immediately releasing your stress and daily tension,

  • The final session with feedback and follow-up plan, so you avoid falling back into old routines,

  • Next Steps - Behavioral Analysis (optional)

  • Summary

  • Certificate of completion, your own coaching trophy, will keep you reminded on your goals, to continue the effort and challenges you decided to take on, to take you to the stars. 

  • Private Club Membership in Adam's Coaching Club.

5. Some of Your Benefits

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Increase levels of your assertiveness.

  • Develop your career or make a successful career change.

  • Enhance your performance to unlock your full potential.

  • Talk free, be listened to. No judgments.

  • Psychological decompression - Release tension & daily pressure.

  • Improve your personal & professional relationships.

  • Get clarity on what you look for in your life.

  • Focus on what is most important for you in your life. 

  • Set goals to create the life that you want.

  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs.

  • Convert past negative emotions into manageable memories.

  • Learn, create new habits that become a way of living.

  • Develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Transform your life and/or your own business and go after your dreams.

  • Regain control of your life and discover empowerment.

  • Cover any business-related challenges.


6. Investment

A) 1950 $USD – purely for coaching services, paid in full 2 weeks before the event (logistics and planning)** + Cost of 1-night accommodation rental and other ad-on (shall you choose to stay overnight in the event location or a hotel nearby) paid separately.


A) 2950 $USD – all-inclusive (except meals), paid in full 2 weeks before the event (logistics and planning).


7. Logistics


  • 60-minute intake session 2 weeks before the ACTION WEEKEND

  • Agreement on exact event date and time of the session

  • Agreement on the location and related details (accommodation, meals, adds-on like Spa, attractions)**

  • The signing of the Services agreement

  • Payment

  • Action Weekend Event

  • Follow-up Session 2 weeks after The Action Weekend


*   - Location in Dubai without the night accommodation. In the case of the client’s request for alternative accommodation, it might be mutually agreed with the coach. Foreign locations & traveling for ACTION WEEKEND is optional, depending on clients' requests and subject to the global situation.  

** - The mentioned flat fee does not include accommodation, staycation rental, meals, attractions rentals (Spas), traveling to the place costs.

About Adam Kapusta
For over 25 years, Adam has worked as a Senior Manager, Coach, Consultant,  Trainer & Mentor with and for organizations and individuals, helping them to grow their businesses and create richer, more fulfilling careers, professional and personal lives, increasing their profits, assisting them in creation of the extraordinary outcome.


He is a workplace business consultant, education instructor, a certified ICC coach, and a mentor and trainer. He has a background in Economics, in Organization and Management with a master’s degree from University in Gdańsk, in Poland.


As a speaker and trainer, Adam has offered transformational workshops to organizations and groups in Europe and in UAE. He has personally coached numerous clients in small business development, in leadership and in personal growth.


Whether you are looking for a successful coach with a proven track record to help you meet your own business goals, or a speaker and trainer for your workshop or event, you will be inspired by Adam’s training style, endless levels of energy, and professionalism! Call or email to inquire about working with Adam today!


Inspiring individuals, organizations and small business owners to define success on
their own terms & gain the skills they need to get there. Personal & business coaching
for values-based individuals and entrepreneurs ready to live the life of their dreams.

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