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As we have always been saying we are ready to extend our portfolio, especially when we can't refuse the new services sought by our customers.

With over 25 years of the corporate experience of our staff and my personal connections with numerous business tycoons in Europe, in the USA, and in the Middle East, including UAE of course, we are happy to offer this service of connecting right people, with right businesses and powerful investors. 
If you are representing (as an owner, CEO, shareholder):
- a new business seeking additional funds for your further development,
- a start-up finishing a great project but missing funds to boost it,
- an investor looking to be connected with prospectus business promising high ROI and profits,
- a business looking at crowd-funding having a great, creative idea to develop...
you might be interested to get in touch with us. 
In our portfolio we currently have projects in:
  1. The city of Gdańsk in Poland - "Invest in Gdańsk" - leading Polish city - Multiple Real Estate, Transport, Business Centers projects - we promote the business projects in the city we come from.
  2. Food industry / Retail - Low-Price High-Quality Foods Supermarkets Chain in the Middle East
    (discounter - with supplies mainly from Europe),
  3. Medical industry (a European medical research company),
  4. IT industry (a global software development project - innovative commercial applications builder),
  5. Financial industry (2 independent European blockchain developers - own tokenized ecosystems).
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