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Our brains are constantly reorganizing and rewiring, based on our activities, on what we are thinking, and feeling. Most of this rewiring is unconscious. While we going through our lives, our brains are memorizing and putting into deep storage, anything we are thinking, feeling, or doing repeatedly.

If we want to develop new habits of thinking, feeling, and/or behaving,
we can consciously rewire our brains.


At first this intentional rewiring might feel strange, like we are trying to change who we are, because our habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have come to feel like us. But our habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are not any more us than new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that we rewire intentionally.

Based on most recent scientific brain research we, humans, are able to consciously change what our subconscious dictates us to do. Yes, what it "dictates us to do" We do not control our subconscious brain, but... it controls us. 

You can now buy whole PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course
at a 66% discounted price as a Pre-Sale

Buy it today at 49.00 USD as a Pre-Sale
at 200% guaranteed price!


PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course will be launched as fully functional,100% working
course on January 18th, 2022.


Discounted price of 49.00 USD as a Pre-Sale is available only to the first 100 purchasing clients!

Price of the PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course at the time of the launch will start from 149.00 USD

You are saving 100.00 USD today!

1. Why this PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course?

  • an opportunity to dramatically change the quality of your life - instantly

  • to show you that abundant, beautiful life is available for all, not only for chosen ones

  • to get you tools you will keep using for the rest of your life to make it amazingly great

  • to teach you simple techniques to deal with your fears, pains, stress, and frustration

  • to make you more assertive and self-confident

  • to help you achieve the extraordinary, bringing your deepest dreams come true

2. For who this PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course?

  • for those who want to get unstack from place where they currently are in their life

  • for those who are hungry for success in any aspect of their life

  • for those who failed few times in life and want to change the trend and recover

  • for those who want to shut the doors of their past behind them, clean it and forget it

  • for those who want to achieve more, to earn more, to be successful

  • for those who want to keep developing their personal & professional skills

  • for those who look for new, vibrant & energizing relationships

3. What will it change in you?


  • you will lessen the levels of your stress and clear your fears

  • you will become clear on what you want in your life

  • you will learn to see your future, which you will create by yourself in very clear pictures

  • you will actively create your desired life, instead of living a passive one, created by others

  • you will become more positive than you are today, seeing the beauty of life all around you

4. Program of the PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course

  1. PNF rewire your brain - introduction to the model

  2. What science says - neuroplasticity

  3. The word of the week

  4. Why are you less successful than you really could be?

  5. Sources of your limiting beliefs - list them - clean them!

  6. Limiting beliefs - overcoming techniques

  7. Positive anchors - boost your growth potential

  8. Wheel of Life - how are you doing today? 

  9. Your Personal SWOT analysis - let your strengths take you to the sky!

  10. Destress yourself – Learn modern techniques to regain your inner peace

  11. Your own energizing, life mission affirmation statement - Create it and Put It To Work!

  12. List your short and long-term goals you will want to achieve - Your Dreams Start To Materialize!

  13. Your Personal Story Of Your Future Life - Create It NOW! Customize it to your dreams!

  14. Affirmations & manifestations - Create them and put them at work!

  15. Meditations – learn how to create your own ones, so they speak to your subconscious the best!

  16. Audio recordings of your subliminal messages - feed your subconscious brain continuously 

  17. Visual boards - Dream it - See it - Feel it - Receive it! 

  18. Detailed action plan to take you to your future, you have just created in the PNF process!

  19. Your mind movie - to empower you daily on your way to the future!

  20. Morning & evening daily routines - It is not an army life, but what about some discipline?

  21. Must read books list - What could you read to add inspiration and motivation to your life?

  22. Whatsapp & FB group memberships - by invitation only to PNF On-Line Course Participants 

  23. Summary of the course! Go and smell the roses!

Pas Now Future 3 Post-It-Stickers.png

5. Tools you will either get in form of pdfs, audio or video files, or co-create with our assistance during the PNF Rewire Your Brain On-Line Course or learn how to create them by yourself

  1. List of unwanted LIMITING BELIEFS from the PAST and cleaning tools

  2. List of POSITIVE ANCHORS to empower you daily

  3. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) techniques helping you to deal
    with all the negativities of your PAST


  4. Wheel of Life - ENERGIZING TOOL to Uncover Your Future Desires

    & Identify Areas of Your Development


  6. Techniques to DEAL WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM, stress, sudden strokes of fear in daily situations

  7. Your own Energizing, LIFE MISSION AFFIRMATION STATEMENT - learn how to write it
     or let us help you and create them for you


  8. LIST of Your Short and LONG TERM GOALS you will want to achieve

  9. Your personal - customized to your dreams - STORY OF YOUR FUTURE LIFE
    to plant it in your subconscious brain. Write it with help of our know-how
    and our winning tips


  10. Affirmations and Meditations – how to create your own audio mp3 files,
    playable from your mobile phone, recorded with your own voice! or let us create them for you


  11. 2 Visual Boards (VBs) – with your long-term life vision and other goals to empower you at your short-term journey - specific to your individual SMART goals - learn how to master VBs 

  12. Detailed Action Plan reflecting your goals, with all the steps forward
    to take you to your FUTURE, 
    you have just created in the PNF process!

  13. 10 minutes long Mind Movie – elements and how to create your private,
    tailored, customized Mind Movie to empower you daily on your way to your FUTURE or let us create them for you - see a sample below...

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PNF Rewire Your Brain 2021

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