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A Business Plan and Management Presentation for you!

Poorly made and communicated business plan can halt many ventures before they’ve even gotten started.

The same can happen even to mature enterprises, when the decision-makers are looking for their company transformations, restructure - without a proper plan, especially in those challenging times of the unknown (markets and customer new behaviors in post-COVID19 times).

I am recently much more often than before, being asked by different Dubai based companies to provide them a service of writing a Business Plan for them. From scratch. As an external consultant. Who has a fresh look and looks at the task from the distance, guaranteeing new, creative approach and… the result, converting into $$$.

I am basing on my 30+ years-long experience of creating BUSINESS PLANS, STRATEGIES and SALES & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLANS.

I used to work as Managing Director, General Manager and also a manager at some lower ranks, so I have had a chance to master writing & EXECUTING them.

I have successfully presented those plans and carried relevant presentations to MANAGEMENT BOARDS and TOP DECISION MAKERS in multiple industries: Food & Beverage, Tobacco (FMCG), Construction, Hospitality, Publishing, Education.

I have always received approvals from all those boards and seniors. 100%!

Today any company, matured one or a start-up can profit from my knowledge, expertise and skill.

I do write and most importantly assist my clients in the implementation and execution of those plans for both:

  • Existing companies looking for a change, transformation, restructure, reengineering or opening new sales channels, launching new products or expanding their business to the new markets.

  • Start-ups - looking for solid plans to start their business journeys.

Each of the Business Plans I’d create for your company will include:

1.   Summary

2.   SWOT Analysis

3.   Market research

4.   Target audience description and analysis

5.   Unique Business Development Strategy

6.   Promotion, Advertising & Marketing incl. Communication Strategies

7.   Pricing Strategy

8.   Inventory of Needed Resources

9.   SMART Objectives and Goals

10. Milestones for tactics and operations & Detailed Action Plan for the first 52 weeks

11. Execution Tips with Monitoring of KPIs & Reporting

12. Management and Project Managers profiles -

13. Added Values of the newly created or restructured business

14. Profit & Loss Statement

15. ROI (Return of Investment) calculations

You will be invited to bring in any other content to your business plan when we discuss the scope of the plan your company will be looking for.

How does it work?

1)   Contact me please at

2)   I’ll schedule a 15 introductory minutes business coaching call with you

3)   I’ll learn on your needs and requirements

4)   I’ll ask you to share what you are looking for yourself and for your company - objectives, expectations, goals

5)   I’ll ask you about the background of your need for transformation

6)   We'll agree on the next steps, shall you be convinced that we work together over your new Business Plan as described above.


·     Business Plan as per criteria agreed with you

·     Management Presentation based on the created plan.

Looking for a NEW PLAN? Transformation? Radical one? For your organization? For yourself? Please use the contact details and we will be with you soon. Or email me directly -> Adam Kapusta

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