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Adam Kapusta - Business Coaching & Consulting is a company, incorporated to offer consulting, coaching and mentoring services basing on the extensive, long term and successful professional experience of Adam Kapusta - an international senior manager, working in corporate and SMEs businesses world for last 25 years.


The offer of our services is addressed to those, who look for professional Business Consulting & Coaching guidance & assist, originated outside of their own organizations. To those decision-makers who realize that sometimes, it takes a wise decision to bring in, external assistance from outside, rather than continue fighting all the internal problems, issues and crises on their own. 


Especially nowadays, in a post-COVID19 world, the word "outsourced" gained a new, even more, important meaning.


Existing organizations and enterprises apply a new approach to how they operate, but also to what they do. They might be forced to change their core company profile, like this LED screens manufacturer who almost overnight had to decide to become a manufacturer of... disinfection cabins.


Or a car rental company that had to downsize, sell part of their fleet and re-qualify their office and admin staff to make them... food and shopping delivery drivers. Still, the company, its staff and some of their assets survived and they keep carrying on.  

Sometimes it will be the matter of survival, the other time the matter of better financial performance, higher profits, new revenue streams, talent management and so on. Our clients - guided and assisted by our experts - decide about the scope of the work and about the benefits they are looking for to get from us. We listen and then we deliver. 

If you and your organization plan to stay in the game, to outperform your competitors and to remain a leader in your discipline, for many years ahead, the time to do something about it, is now. The list of potential and undiscussable benefits of consultancy and coaching services might inspire you to take the right decision.  

  • New revenue streams
  • Growth in Sales
  • Cost-saving 
  • Business Turnaround
  • Company Restructure
  • Organizational Downsizing & Redundancy Plans
  • The New Identity and Image of Your Company - Vision, Mission and Goals Development
  • Increased Profitability

  • Creation & implementation of the KPIs and Appraisal Policies

  • Culture & Human Capital Engagement Development

  • Business, Executive and Life Coaching for all staff members

  • Enriched Human Potential

  • Inspired Leadership & Teambuilding

  • Business Plans - Strategic, Tactical and Operational

  • Improved Communication with All Stakeholders

  • Training/Workshops - New skills development

  • Excellence in Customer Service

* - We do not only offer our solutions, but will successfully implement and execute them, till your organization achieves planned results. 

During that time of my professional career, I used to work in many different industries, positions and in various cultures and geographies. In these long and wonderful years of my business adventure, I have gained experience in multiple business areas and fields. Topping my activities with business and life coaching in Dubai. Here are only some of them, where I used to:

  • create & open new companies from scratch,

  • start-up of the new organizations outside of my home country; in remote markets,

  • restructure & reengineer badly performing companies saving them from bankruptcy and closing,

  • brain-storm, write and implement new Business and Operational Plans, bringing new profits,

  • create new sales channels & utterly new revenue streams

  • coach & mentor multiple numbers of managers who later became successful business leaders

  • create, write, implement and execute long-term corporate strategies for multi-markets organizations,

  • work as a university lecturer teaching the natural laws of individual and organizational success,

  • mentor new sales teams as a Sales Trainer conducting dedicated Workshops & Training for them.

We are ready today to serve your company, delivering the best quality of our consultancy and coaching services. - Adam Kapusta

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